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With our Customized Master Health Checkups you can track your health and eliminate the risk of many diseases. Regular checkups can help you to increase your chances for treatment and help you to find a a cure in a more timed fashion. It is as important as exercising regularly to check your health in helping you to maintain a disease free life style.

Hexa enlarges its dimension with an aspiration to provide expedient internal and external quality with cutting edge technology and we assure 360° analytical assessment with innovative technology through the ethical medical laboratory services.
We are six versatile individuals with two decades of rich experience in pathology laboratory services and reserves multiple labs and several reference lab in southern region of India.
Hexa services emerges as a pathology pioneer with its tenacious and committed technical team having Pathologists, Biochemists, Microbiologists and Geneticists to grasp innovative technologies towards immense progression of integrated quality and promt service, hence maitaining the highest customer satisfactory level.
We are providing a broad range of diagnostic testing and health screening process through prompt and reliable solutions for,



Private Healthcare providers and


Laboratory Management

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